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Square Dance Club

Welcome to the Club!

Presidents' Message
We are proud to introduce you to our Queens and Jacks Square Dance 
We had a fun and busy October. Our new dancers are doing excellent and we are so proud of the progress they are making. And we had two special event evenings – our Harvest Moon dance and a Halloween themed lesson night.
Harvest Moon Dance was a great intro to Fall
We had 35 dancers join us for the Harvest Moon mainstream dance on Friday October 13, including 9 guests from other clubs.  It is a pleasure to have other clubs join us.   Having a choice of pumpkin, apple or strawberry/rhubarb pies was a wonderful end to the evening.  Some of us enjoyed more than one flavor, lol.  Thanks so much to Jeannette and Jerry Thompson and Nancy and Brent Daignault, our convenors, who organized the fun evening. 
A Night of Halloween Fun Our October 30 lesson night had an added touch of fun, as there were some costumes to behold. Along with some teaching, we had some singing calls, some social dancing and our new dancers got to see some Round Dancing. And there were some yummy Halloween treats. See Current Events page for more pictures.   Our judges for the evening selected three costumes for honorable mention:

Get Acquainted Special Dance On Friday, November 24, we will officially welcome all our new dancers. This is a special dance night where we focus on our new dancers and introduce them to the rest of the club. The square dancing will only use moves that our new dancers have learned. And we'll have treats and social dancing time. Our single members are invited to bring a “plus one”.   AND it is a FREE night for our New Dancers and their guests. See attached poster for full details.  
Save the Date!! Mark December 15 on your calendars!  Our Queens and Jacks Christmas Dance will feature potluck appetizers, entertainment, carol singing and of course, some Square Dancing. All dancers – student and mainstream- from all clubs- are welcome! Come join us for a night of Christmas fun!  More details to follow  

Happy Dancing!   

Pat & Brian Bishop 
President Couple 2023-2024 

Today’s Square Dancing is for EVERYONE!

  1. Modern square dance has evolved from traditional square dancing into a multi-level, sophisticated programme that is challenging for all ages. 
  2. Dance to all types of music including rock, pop, blue grass, classical and more. Any upbeat music works for square dancing.
  3. It’s as easy as walking! There is no fancy footwork, or lead/follow partner, making it painless for people with ‘two left feet’. It beats going to the gym!
  4. It has the same benefits as low impact aerobics. Clock 7000+ steps in an evening of dance. Side effects include new friends and having FUN learning something new.
  5. Dress is your choice – casual, dressy, western or traditional costume. It is important however to wear comfortable shoes.